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March 25,2023


#1 Black Face of Women in Menopause

C​arleeka Katrina Basnight-Menendez

"Yes All Of That"

International Motivational Speaker |

International Best Selling Author | Trainer | Menopause Advocate

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Hey Girlfriend, if your​ answer is YES to any of the questions below, well then it's time for you to Pray, Plan and Pursue and I am READY ​to help you Bust Your BEST Move!

Do you have a fear of failure, rejection, or suffer from perfectionism or imposter syndrome? Does your head hurt from always thinking what if you did this or that? The frustration you have inside keeps you up at night with the thoughts of you are not good enough, past failures and self-doubt that keep you paralyzed from going after your goals and dreams. I totally understand the feelings of being sick, silent and stuck mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I know how FEAR will keep you bound for years if you don't eliminate it.

With the "F-IT Method" you don't have to be frustrated or confused about your next move anymore. You WILL become all you are suppose to be and reach your highest potential when you eliminate fear and gain clarity to get seen, be heard and get paid!

Meet Carleeka Basnight-Menendez​

Carleeka Katrina Basnight-Menendez is the #1 black face of women in menopause. She is an International motivational speaker, International Best-Selling author and menopausal women's health and wellness advocate.


She is committed to supporting women to get seen, be heard and get paid in their subject matter expertise. Basnight-Menendez provides specialized consulting and training for menopausal entrepreneurial women who are ready to increase their awareness, visibility and engagement. Basnight-Menendez believes that you cannot play hide-n-seek and expect to get booked and paid. 

E X P E C T   M O R E